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Wellcome to Rehabilitation Medicine Center in Durbach!

MediClin is a modern German rehabilitation medicine center that helps patients with various symptoms and conditions. The key advantage of the center is a complex approach to treatment: people go through both physical therapies and psychological counseling.

About us

Established in 1993, Rehabilitation Center in Durbach specializes of treatment of such diseases as:

  • oncology/urology;
  • diabetes;
  • nephrology;
  • obesity and overweight;
  • orthopedics.

It also deals with acute diseases and traumas offering 267 places for patients. During recent years, the center has started to perform kidney transplantation in collaboration with south-west centers in Baden-Wurttemberg. In 2007, it acquired the status of Certified Diabetes Center Diabetologikum DDG, which means that it renders high-quality diabetes treatment and offers services of the most experienced and qualified doctors and health specialists.

The center is located in a peaceful and picturesque Alma village. Mild climate combined with developed infrastructure make this place ideal for stress-free treatment.

Treatment in MediClin

Like many other MediClin centers, Rehabilitation Center in Durbach puts focus on metabolic diseases, diabetes, obesity, nephrology, oncology, urology, and orthopedic diseases. We offer a wide range of different therapies:

  • Creative and art therapy (ceramics and craftwork).
  • Relaxation therapy.
  • Nutrition counseling performed in special lecture rooms and kitchen.
  • Group lectures and individual consultations in classes.
  • Physiotherapy (electrotherapy, medicinal baths, massage, drainage therapy, mud wrap, etc.).
  • Remedial gymnastic and physical exercises. Both individual and group exercises are available.
  • Working out on open air.

We aim not just to perform physical treatment (therapies, surgeries, etc.), but also provide psychological and emotional support for patients. It’s crucial for people who have to struggle with diabetes, obesity, renal conditions and cancer throughout their lives. We teach patients self-care showing how to control diseases and symptoms – this is our philosophy.


Diagnosis and Rehabilition in MediClin Staufenburg are performed with advanced equipment and devices, according to the recent standards of rehabilitation and treatment.

The laboratory is equipped with precise analyzers, Adams A1C, coagulation machine, devices for Urinalysis and blood sugar measurement, BGA- metry, etc.

Functional diagnosis is performed with ergometrie, electrocardiograms, long-term measurement of blood pressure, spirometry. MediClin also offers ultrasound diagnosis, echo-cardiography, sonography, ultrasonic Doppler examination, transrectal ultrasonography, cystoscopic video examination, RIGISCAN and radiology.

Physiotherapy is performed with the help of such equipment as sling tables, Bobathbank, Stehbrett, parallel beams, and race track.

Amenities and facilities

MediClin provides patients with the whole gamut of options for entertainment and relaxation. Physical exercises can be performed in gym room or outside the hospital (on a special stadium). In meditation room, patients may relax and spend some time alone. Hobby room, billiard room, media center and TV hall allow for entertaining. An extensive library with a reading room is available for all patients. Swimming pool and sauna would be perfect for those who go through physical therapy.

A well-developed infrastructure makes MediClin a highly convenient place: there’s a park for patients and their family to walk and get rest. Small shops are located nearby.

Offering the full spectrum of services, treatment options and therapies, MediClin works with patients with various metabolic, nephrology and cancer diseases. We don’t just cure – we teach people to overcome stress, anxiety and emotional frustration. MediClin will help you to make the first steps on your way to a new healthy life.

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