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Our philosophy of a successful rehabilitation

The MediClin Staufenburg Clinic situated on the brick of the Black Forest began its work in 1976 as a treatment center for diseases of the movement apparatus and renal diseases. Already then in addition to traditional physical therapy, the philosophy of not only providing medical help to the patients but also actively involving them in the treatment process stood in the foreground.

Helping patients help themselves

We are able to achieve lasting treatment outcome by providing information on the causes of the particular illness and appropriate therapy options for self-help. The leitmotif "helping patients help themselves" was the goal from the beginning, with which all employees of the clinic started the treatment.

That attached behavioral therapies great importance. Psychological guidance that hepled coping with misconduct and changing unfavorable everyday behavior has been increasingly integrated and developed in the therapy process. As the consequence of this treatment approach, the metabolic disease diabetes mellitus was included as a new indication in 1982.

A structured diabetic training was established at the MediClin Staufenburg Clinic, separated according to the respective therapy forms, as the first institution of that kind in the Ortenau. Even today, it is particularly important to provide the patient with a high degree of autonomy through knowledge and practical training, in order to keep the metabolism in line with their needs during everyday situations.

Therapy and training facility for type 1 and type 2 diabetics

As we know today, this is the only way one can avoid increasing reduction of the quality of life by the emerging sequelae. Being an "expert in the own cause" is the best guarantee of a long-term good metabolic adjustment, which allows one to avoid physically strenuous and costly consequences.

The structure and quality our work has been recognized under the designation "Therapy and training facility for type 1 and type 2 diabetics" which corresponds to the guidelines of the German Diabetes Society.

Tumor therapy

In the last few years, the treatment of patients with tumors of kidneys, urinary tract, bladder and prostate has become a further focus of our clinic.

Moreover, we also treat patients with tumor diseases of gastrointestinal tract, uterus, ovaries and mammary gland. In particular, the physical and psychological effects of a tumor therapy (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) require special treatment and attention.

Oncological rehabilitation

When the treatment in the acute care hospital is over, it is the goal of an oncological rehabilitation to treat the consequences, physical, mental and social, holistic. Through that after the recovery is complete the patient is able to integrate into the social and professional environment faster and better and to significantly regain the quality of life.

Rheumatological and postoperative rehabilitation

We also develope and specialize in the treatment of the movement apparatus diseases. On the one hand, the rheumatological focus was developed in the direction of inflammatory rheumatic diseases. On the other hand, patients after endoprosthetic joint replacement are offered postoperative rehabilitation.

The common goal for all patients treated at the MediClin Staufenburg Clinic is to be able to recover the highest possible degree of independence, everyday expertise and quality of life as well as to regain the ability to work.

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