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Quality management

The quality management system of the MediClin Staufenburg Clinic is based on the MediClin corporate objectives and the relevant standards of quality, safety and environment. It is based on the internationally acknowledged quality requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and on the rehabilitation-specific requirements of the integrated quality management program IQMP-Reha of the Federal Association of Private Health Insurance Funds. Our clinic enjoys the "Extended recognition as a treatment facility with diabetes-specific quality management" since 2007. This is a sophisticated certification renewed every three years. For the last time renewed in 2016.

Quality management is oriented on the process and results. This means that the core processes of our work are constantly checked in order to improve them to benefit our patients. The satisfaction of patients, payers and other partners is the key factor for the further development and improvement of our quality management.

The successful quality assurance and development of our clinic is based on an interdisciplinary approach. It combines different medical, therapeutic, nursing, business and organizational aspects.

The basics of quality management at MediClin and thus also at the MediClin Staufenburg Clinic include:

  • Statement and optimization of service relevant workflows
  • Systematic evaluation of the core processes through the internal and external audits
  • Annual assessment of the quality management system
  • Continuous intra-company patient surveys
  • MediClin internal benchmarking, e.g. in the area of patient evaluations
  • Participation in external quality assurance programs
  • Determination and evaluation of the treatment results achieved
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