MediClin Staufenburg Klinik

Treatment facilities

In the MediClin Staufenburg Clinic, the following functional areas and facilities are available for therapy and medical-therapeutic care:

  • Workshops for creative and art therapy. For example, a clay workshop and a painting techniques or crafts studio.
  • Rooms for relaxation therapy with appropriate aids such as mats.
  • Rooms for nutritional advice and therapy including teaching kitchens and training rooms.
  • Spaces for information, motivation, training rooms, stoma room, rooms for individual consultations.
  • Rooms for physical therapy. Electrotherapy areas, treatment areas for lymphatic drainage, therapeutic tubs, tubing or underwater massage, therapeutic baths, a room for Kneipp treatment, areas for fang-packing and massage.
  • Rooms for physiotherapy. Treatment rooms, two gymnastics, sports and exercise therapy rooms, two exercise pools and an indoor pool.
  • Rooms for social and professional advice. Additional rooms for individual consultations.
  • Rooms for sports and exercise therapy. Treatment rooms for physiotherapy, group gymnastics rooms, muscle sequence space, ergometry training rooms and two therapy pools.
  • Outdoor activity park. Modern outdoor equipment for healthy outdoor activities.
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