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Mammary carcinoma / breast cancer

Breast cancer (mammary carcinoma) is the most common cancer type in women. In Germany there are about 60,000 new cases every year, one third of the affected women being under 50. Though in recent years early diagnosis and consistent therapies have significantly improved the healing chances for breast cancer.

Mammary carcinoma / breast cancer is treated using surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and antibody therapy. Appyed individually, or combined according to the type of disease and its stage, they are now more effective and harmless. It is possible to assist the final healing phase through supportive measures.

Symptoms of menopause, sleep disorders, nervousness or concentration disorders often occur during hormone therapy. In addition, patients with mammary carcinoma indicate problems such as anxiety, disappointment about the reactions of the environment as well as concern for the family.

These mental complications are usually not acute and can be solved by a doctor's visit or a drug. At this point oncological rehabilitation offers one the opportunity to regain the losses of physical and mental power. This is done using an individual treatment concept.

Tasks of rehabilitation in mammary carcinoma

  • Reduction of physical, psychological and social impairments
  • Improvement of the compensation possibilities to reduce restrictions in social and professional life
  • Active participation in the healing process through instruction and training
  • Promoting self-responsibility and mobilizing remaining potential
  • Integration of medical therapies into rehabilitation

Special offers for breast cancer patients

In a regularly conducted specialist "Breast cancer forum", patients have the opportunity to receive information on their individual illness, stage adjusted therapy, and necessary follow-up care as well as, if applicable, aids provision.

Later non-medical, mental problems arising during the course of the illness can be treated under the guidance of a qualified psychologist.

The entire therapy-diagnostic and application program is expanded with a wide range of leisure activities, including visiting natural and cultural sights and places at the foot of the Black Forest.

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