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Controlling Type 2 Diabetes Management

If you have type 2 diabetes, your entire lifestyle should be changed: the disease requires constant control and careful management for a person to sustain normal health. MediClin helps patients with diabetes type 2 and teaches them to control this condition on a daily basis. Therapy performed in Staufendurg Klinik relieves diabetes symptoms and is aimed at maintaining normal blood sugar level.

What does diabetes 2 type management include?

Treatment and control of diabetes type 2 is typically performed by a team of doctors and health professionals who will work not only with the patient, but family members, as well. Proper management involves the following:

  • Correct goal setting: you and your doctor need to state what are the main targets of treatment (lowering blood sugar, weight loss, etc.).
  • Adjustment of diet and exercise program.
  • Drugs and medications.
  • Self-monitoring of blood sugar.
  • Regular checking for complications.
  • Blood analysis on a constant basis.

While it’s crucial to sustain normal blood glucose levels, this value alone does not guarantee proper treatment for patients with diabetes type 2. The level of lipids and blood pressure should be checked, as well. Quick and significant glucose lowering is not the best way of treatment – it’s not suitable for all patients, and all risks should be evaluated. Particularly, patients with a high risk of cardiovascular disease should be careful. Patients with chronic kidney disease are usually administered iron and erythropoietin therapy, and blood glucose should be monitored, as well.

Doctors and psychologists in MediClin center educate patients on proper monitoring and control of diabetes and elaborate suitable treatment plans. Since dramatic change of lifestyle and therapies can be stressful and challenging for people, our specialists help them to overcome psychological barriers and reach goals.

Consultations on diet

Diabetes type 2 treatment requires serious change of dietary habits. Health professionals in MediClin will create an individual diet and give you some tips concerning recommended types of foods, amount and regime of food consumption, etc.

Physical activity

Theoretically, you can perform any type of exercise: jogging, swimming, tennis, dancing, etc. When struggling with diabetes type 2, it’s especially important to maintain regular physical activity (at least 30 minutes 5 days a week). However, you should discuss all options with the doctor and get his approval. MediClin specialists can help you to make an exercise program that will be both enjoyable and safe for your health.

Drug therapy

There is a whole range of pills and other medications that can be prescribed to a person with diabetes type 2. Most commonly, Metformin or its alternatives are recommended: this medication improves body reaction to insulin and accelerates its metabolism. It also reduces glucose production in liver, but lifestyle changes are required to boost positive impact of this drug. Rosiglitazone and pioglitazone also increase reaction to insulin in tissues.

Sulfonylureas are drugs that promote insulin production in body, as well as meglitinides that stimulate pancreas. DPP-4 inhibitors reduce blood sugar and may contribute to weight loss. SGLT2 inhibitors have appeared on the market recently, and serve to prevent kidneys from absorbing sugar in blood (instead, it comes out with urine).

Insulin therapy

Insulin therapy is highly important and often prescribed as soon as possible because of its positive impact on patients’ health. As a rule, insulin in administered in injections, because it affects digestion when taken orally. It is taken with the help of a syringe with needle, or insulin pen injector. Before using this or that type of insulin drugs, you need to get doctor’s recommendations – MediClin specialists prescribe medications carefully, considering many factors including health conditions and costs of drugs. Besides, our doctors will educate you on accurate and correct insulin use and injection, will teach you to use devices and take measurements.

Let MediClin team help you

Diabetes type 2 treatment is complex, and requires self-discipline and patience. Whenever you need help and encouragement, MediClin doctors and psychologists are here for you. They not only perform physical therapy, but also teach patients self-management of diabetes.

With comprehensive consultations on exercise, diet, blood sugar control and medication courses, you will be able to go through treatment with less stress and fewer difficulties. You don’t have to be afraid of diabetes symptoms and complications with professional and careful guidance in MediClin.

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