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CPT Code Nutritional Counseling

Treatment of most diseases requires change of patient’s eating habits and diet. If you need comprehensive and useful consultations concerning healthy nutrition, consider becoming MediClin Staufendurg Klinik client. Health professionals and doctors will create an individual nutritional plan for you and provide with guidelines concerning disease treatment.

What are CPT codes, and why these are important?

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), or commonly called "procedure codes" are used to designate this or that action and provider in medicine. In order to perform his professional activity and consult clients on an out-patient basis, a dietician should bill CPT codes, particularly, codes for dietary counseling services. Only having those a specialist can organize face-to-face meeting with patients and perform nutritional counseling. Besides, to help people with some certain diseases, a specialist needs to be a certified diabetic/cancer/etc counselor. Compliance with CPT codes means that a person is competent in this or that sphere. For instance, the following codes are widely required for nutrition counseling:

  • 97802-97804 - medical nutrition therapy;
  • 99078 - education of patient groups on prenatal, obesity, diabetic or similar issues;
  • 99401-99404 – individual consulting and preventive medicine;
  • 99411-99412 - preventive medicine and counseling of groups.

Doctors and nutrition counselors in MediClin are certified and can perform consulting, lessons and individual meetings with patients who need guidance in their nutrition programs.

Services provided by MediClin

MediClin offers patients the help of licensed Nutritionists and dietitians who comply with modern requirements and meet the qualifications. They can perform the whole gamut of services including individual diet assessment, group or individual counseling for well-being, personal recommendations concerning disease and lifestyle changes. Other services include:

  • Nutritional Counseling. A healthcare specialist works with a patient on a long-term basis and assesses his or her dietary changes and defines the areas where change is required. The counselor provides useful information, educational materials, and, which is not less important – psychological support. With follow-up care, an individual finds it easier to maintain dietary changes.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy is performed by a group of specialists (physician, dietician and other health professionals) and can be complemented with specific training.
  • Diabetic Self-Management Training. Individuals with pre-diabetes or diabetes work individually with their health professional, who explains disease peculiarities and treatment process, helps to manage nutrition and glucose monitoring, guides on physical activity and stress lowering. He also teaches patients to control the disease and prevent chronic complications.
  • Weight Management Program. A physician creates and supervises a program that includes diet modification, various physical exercises, nutritional counseling and change in patient’s behavior. A comprehensive weight management program covers all aspects: nutrition, physical activity, treatment options, stress management and physiological changes.

This is not a full list of nutrition counseling options provided by MediClin. We work with patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, colon and renal problems helping them to adjust diet and lifestyle.

Counseling boosted by support

We know how hard it is to follow nutritional changes and diet on a long-term basis. Serious dietary changes cause stress not in beginners only – those who have been struggling with diabetes for years also need encouragement and support. This is why dietitians and nutritionists in MediClin work together with qualified psychologists to render real psychological support to patients.

Why MediClin?

When it comes to Nutritional Counseling, MediClin Staufendurg Klinik covers all aspects. Your specialist will:

  • Help you to make an individual diet and suggest appropriate nutrition changes.
  • Explain disease threats and peculiarities and available treatment options.
  • Organize consultations concerning your nutrition program and lifestyle changes.
  • Offer an optimal program of physical exercises.
  • Ensure true psychological support and encouragement.

With CPT code counseling you can be sure that your dietitian or nutritionist possesses necessary knowledge and competence. This is a health professional that you can trust. MediClin offers services of experienced and certified specialists with years of practice and patients with varied medical background. With multidisciplinary approach we manage to reach health goals and change our patients’ lives to the better.

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