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Diseases Caused by Obesity – informed by German Doctors

Apart from negative aesthetic and psychological impact, obesity has serious influence on overall health and may cause the whole gamut of diseases and complications. Find out what German doctors say about widespread diseases triggered by obesity, and how to prevent them.


It is not known exactly how obesity causes diabetes type 2, but statistics show that it accounts for about 80-85% of the risk. Obese people (with body mass index higher than 30) are several times more vulnerable to diabetes than lean ones.

Presumably, excessive abdominal tissue makes fat cells produce inflammatory chemicals and make body less susceptible to insulin: its function is disrupted, and cell responsibility reduces. Recent studies suggest that overeating and extra pounds stress the inside and membranes of cells: when it has more nutritionals to process that it may handle, it will make cells become less responsible to insulin. That leads to high glucose concentration and, consequently, to diabetes. Additionally, obesity disrupts metabolism and makes adipose tissue to release fat cells into blood: that affects the cells responsive to insulin.

Note that being overweight can make your body develop diabetes pretty quickly, so struggle against extra pounds is a must. Reducing your body weight you will boost insulin responsibility in body and reduce the risk of other conditions. Regular exercising that leads to body mass loss can reduce the risk of diabetes by 50%.

Cancer and tumors

Obesity is known to trigger different types of cancer:

  • Endometrial cancer is 2-4 times more frequently met in obese women, especially those who have never used menopausal hormonal drugs.
  • Adenocarcinoma (cancer of esophagus).
  • Liver cancer.
  • Kidney cancer.
  • Multiple myeloma (obese people have 10-20% higher risk of developing it).
  • Meningoma (brain tumor) is 50% more likely to develop in obese people, and 20% more likely to happen in overweight people.
  • Cancer of pancreas and colon.
  • Gallbladder cancer.
  • Breast cancer (both in women and men).

Ovarian and thyroid cancer is also more typical in obese people. Why does it happen? Several mechanisms take place in overweight people. First, obesity conditions low-level inflammation that can eventually lead to fast DNA distortion and cancer development. Chronic inflammatory processes can contribute to cancer in gallbladder, colon, liver and other body systems.

Secondly, adipose tissue produces extra estrogen: when it accumulates, it increases the risk of endometrial, ovarian and breast cancer. Thirdly, overweight people develop insulin resistance, and its excess promotes the development of prostate, kidney and other cancers.

Another explanation lies in the fact that fat cells produce hormones that may stimulate or decelerate cell growth (therefore, normal cell lifecycle can be seriously affected).

Heart diseases

Extra pounds contribute to high blood pressure and cholesterol levels: the conditions that can lead to heart strokes and other complications. Heart is the first organ to be affected by obesity. However, even 5-10% reduction in body mass significantly lowers your chances to develop a heart disease.

Gallbladder disease

Gallstones are more likely to form in obese people, especially if they consume a lot of unhealthy foods and salt. Being overweight means having poor metabolism and accumulating dangerous substances in body quicker. Note that rapid weight loss can make you even more prone to gallbladder disease, so it’s very important to lose pounds at a moderate speed (about 1-2 pounds a week).


This is a widespread disease of joints that affects back, hips and knees. Carrying tens of extra weight means putting excessive pressure at joints: it makes the cartilage wear off quicker. Without natural cartilage protection, joints quickly damage, which causes severe pain and interferes with normal functioning of bones. Losing weight you lower stress on joints and decrease the risk of osteoarthritis.

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