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Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Type 2 is a life-long condition, which means that a person should always keep control over the disease symptoms and his or her health. MediClin Staufendurg Klinik not only helps patients to deal with this condition, but also teaches to overcome psychological barriers and daily difficulties in diabetes 2 type management.

What does diabetes type 2 treatment involve?

People with diabetes know that the fight against the disease is never ending, and you should always be at the lookout for its symptoms and blood sugar levels. Treatment of diabetes requires complex approach and due attention to one’s health.

Healthy nutrition

Although there is no special diabetes diet, patients should prefer high-fiber, low calorie foods. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are highly recommended, but it doesn’t mean that a person cannot consume animal products and sweets. Products with low glycemic index do not cause serious fluctuations of blood sugar in body, so they are safe for people with diabetes.

Qualified dietitians in MediClin can help you to make a meal plan and teach you to keep track of carbohydrate intake and blood sugar level. You will be able to monitor your health and sustain it without dramatically compromising food preferences and lifestyle.

Exercise and physical activity

For people with diabetes type 2 it’s especially important to maintain regular physical activity. You can choose almost any type of sports and exercise you like: biking, swimming, yoga, ping-pong – but only after doctor’s approval.

Commit at least 30 minutes of your time to aerobic activities five days a week. Exercises for strength and stretch should also be performed. Increase physical load gradually. Note that a combination of exercises (aerobic training, weightlifting, yoga, dancing) appears to be more helpful than some types of activities alone. It’s important to check blood sugar level before and after exercising, because it can drop after physical activity. Get a light snack before working out to avoid blood sugar fluctuation.

Keep track of your blood sugar

In most cases, treatment plan includes regular checking and recording of blood sugar level. Those who take insulin need to take measurements several times a day (frequency is specified by the doctor). Note that it can fluctuate in response to other diseases, medications, food, physical activity and alcohol – you can’t always predict how it will change. Attentive and regular monitoring of blood sugar is the only way to ensure that it stays within the normal range.

Weight control

People with obesity are more vulnerable to onset of diabetes, so those who suffer from extra pounds should understand that weight loss is vital in their cases. Therefore, it’s crucial to stick to a diet and perform physical exercises: they not only help to control blood sugar, but also promote healthy slimming. People with a very high body weight index are candidates for a bariatric surgery.

If you can’t deal with weight loss on your own, you can trust to doctors and psychologists in MediClin center. They can help at all stages of the process starting from creating diet plan and exercise program and finishing by psychological support and encouragement. Attention to details and complex approach allow us and our patients reach fascinating results in weight loss programs.

Taking suitable medications

First and foremost, people with diabetes type 2 have to take pills to sustain targeted blood sugar level. Metformin is commonly prescribed to control glucose level. Meglitinides and sulfonylureas are drugs that promote insulin production in the pancreas. DPP-4 inhibitors slow down breaking of hormones that stimulate pancreas functioning. Specialists in MediClin will make an individual plan of medication intake for you based on your health condition.

Insulin injections are used in the vast majority of cases, because it’s the most effective way of blood sugar control. Together with diabetes drugs, you may also need to use medications that lower cholesterol level and aspirin: it will prevent diseases of heart and blood vessels.

MediClin: Your successful treatment in Germany

When treating diabetes type 2, you should take into consideration many aspects. Trust your health to MediClin specialists. They not only prescribe medications and arrange diet and exercise plan, but also give real psychological support – it’s crucial for both starters and those who’ve been struggling against diabetes for years and find it difficult. With proper guidance and encouragement provided by MediCiln doctors, a patient can go through his treatment plan successfully.

Agreeable prices, convenient wards and a wide range of amenities make Staufendurg Klinik a perfect choice for people from all over the world. Your well-being and psychological comfort is our primary goal.

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