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About 30% of all people in Germany develop cancer during their lives. Its treatment process has changed significantly in the past two decades. Although media report daily about the disease and the patient is informed about the nature of their illness before any cancer treatment (for legal reasons), cancer continues to be a taboo subject that triggers a lot of anxiety.

Since cancer does not cause any discomfort in the early stages, and is often detected as a random accident (e.g. during a screening examination), it shocks every person.

Tumor therapy

Tumor therapy (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) leaves significant traces in every patient, even if it has been successful leading to recovery or even healing. There are temporary symptoms, e.g. pain, wound healing disorders, incontinence, or even permanent disabilities and limitations, such as a stoma for urine or stool, reduced physical performance, impotence.

The confrontation with the disease and the subject of death, which is associated with cancer, leads to severe mental stress. These are often properly understood by the patient only when the treatment in the acute hospital is over. The patients themselves and their domestic environment are usually overwhelmed by the scope of these problems.

At this point, the oncological / urological rehabilitation begins, taking a holistic approach to the patient‘s physical, psychological and social situation.

Oncology / urology treatment objectives

  • Optimization of the recovery perod
  • Treatment of therapy consequences (e.g,, blood loss, wound healing disorders, pain)
  • Providing information about the illness (about the patient‘s illness, carcinogenesis, cances treatment and aftercare, about sensible nutrition, as well as psycological overcoming of the illness, providing security as a starting point on which the further actions can be performed)
  • Psycho-oncological support (to help the patients address the difficult situation and find their own way, we offer group discussions as a way to openly exchange the experience, but also talks on specific topics, e.g. changes in the social environment as well as individual discussions and the relaxation techniques training)
  • Clarification of social issues (this can initiate stabilization and social reintegration using legal and financial aid)
  • Diagnostic measures to detect complications and early recurrences (e.g., ultrasound examinations, tumor markers)
  • Interesting leisure activities: creative design, guided hikes, concerts, etc.
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