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Physical Therapy for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a frustrating and bothering disease that causes a lot of inconvenience in people and may lead to social withdrawal and low self-esteem. This condition can be treated different ways, and one of the safest and most effective methods is physical therapy. Health professionals in MediClin do their best to help people with stress incontinence. Advanced techniques and therapies reduce severity and frequency of urinary leakage.

Do I qualify for urinary incontinence therapy?

Before prescribing a therapy for urinary incontinence, a doctor will evaluate patient’s health and will ask him to keep a “bladder diary”. It will show the frequency of urinations and possible causes of the disease. Sudden urine leakage may take place when a person sneezes, coughs or laughs, or just runs and walks. Some patients experience both stress and urge incontinence. Based on the causes of the disease, MediClin specialist will suggest a treatment program.

Bladder retraining

This is a highly important technique that can be performed by a patient at home. It helps to control urinary leakage and reduces the severity of episodes. Physical therapist in MediClin will help patient by elaborating a plan that suggests toilet visit schedule and behavior changes. For instance, you may be offered to visit toiled every 45 minutes during 4-7 days. If not leakage episodes appear, the interval between visits can be prolonged.

Such program also presupposes abstaining from drinking beverages with caffeine, because it irritates bladder. A slightly different program can be offered to people suffering from urge incontinence, and a therapist will show the patient ways to relax and deal with it: deep breathing and pelvic floor exercises are often used for that.


Pelvic floor exercises are beneficial for bladder support and control, and bring positive results in the vast majority of patents. Also known as Kegel exercises, they can be performed in lying, standing or sitting position, and pass unnoticed by other people. Such training is highly recommended for people with stress incontinence and pregnant women to boost bladder support.

MediClin health professionals explain patients how to find the pelvic zone muscles and train them. Try to stop urine flowing and understand what muscles are involved. In Kegel exercises, you should flex these muscles and hold for three seconds. Then relax and repeat. Do not use muscles on buttocks, stomach or hips. Try performing the exercise three times a day with sets of 10-15, and more often after a couple of weeks.


This technology assists patients with particularly weak muscles, when a person cannot get a sense of which muscles should be contracted. Biofeedback uses television monitor and auditory signals to teach female patients perform Kegel exercises. The electrodes or a probe are inserted in vagina to show the activity of pelvic floor muscles contracted. This image is displayed on a television monitor, and a physical therapist evaluates the contractions and explains the patient how to exercise and make muscles stronger.

How long does it take to see positive results of physical therapy?

MediClin specialists help patients for as long as required, since physical therapy work not equally efficiently for everyone. Restoring normal bladder control may take months, but positive results can be visible within a few weeks (3-4 weeks are enough to see the changes).

Why choosing MediClin?

Being a well-established, certified German medical center, MediClin has everything for comprehensive treatment:

  • Modern devices for stress incontinence treatment (Biofeedback technology).
  • A team of experienced and skilled doctors, therapists and health professionals who teach patients self-management of disease and methods of self-treatment.
  • Convenient wards and a large number of amenities and facilities.
  • Gym rooms for Kegel and other exercises helping in incontinence control.
  • Individual and group lectures for patients to teach them how to deal with diseases and what treatment options are available.
  • Nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

It goes without mentioning a great location of the clinic and agreeable prices.

MediClin is a medical center that provides overall care for patients. We not only provide a wide number of therapies, but also render psychological support and encouragement. Whenever you have some doubts, fears, stress or depression, our specialists will do their best to help you. Adjusting to a new lifestyle with stress incontinence can be difficult, but MediClin psychologists and health professionals will teach you to deal with physical and emotional challenges.

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