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Recovery from Bladder Cancer Surgery

Bladder cancer surgery often requires removal of bladder totally or partially, and the recovery process can be pretty hard and long. Specialists in MediClin Staufendurg Klinik do their best to boost recovery in patients and minimize side effects after bladder operation.

The type of bladder cancer surgery and recovery process

Treatment options depend on how far bladder cancer has spread. Sometimes only a part of bladder is removed, and a patient can go home the same or the next day, if minimally invasive surgery has been performed. Cancer at more advanced stages may require removing the entire bladder and sometimes prostate gland in men and womb in women. In such cases, a patient may spend a week or more in hospital. After the surgery, doctors and health professionals will examine how the new waste removal system works and may suggest optimal ways for urinating safely and painlessly.

How does recovery process go?

You will spend about a day in intensive care unit depending on the complexity of situation. There may be several tubes connected to you: for epidural anesthesia, urine and waste draining, and nutrition. A nurse will help you to get rid of waste and make intravenous infusion before you start drinking and eating. In a few hours, you can make small sips of water. Your nurse will help you to move around. When staying in bed, you can perform breathing and leg exercises: they prevent infection and blood clots in legs.

In a few days you will leave the clinic and continue recovery at home. First, you should try walking every hour for at least five minutes. In a week or two you can increase physical loading and walk more. In 4-6 weeks you may resume normal activities. Painkillers will help you to deal with discomfort and pain that is normal during the first week after surgery. MediClin health professionals with provide you with recommendations and guidelines concerning post-surgical recovery at home.

Pain management

Pain after bladder cancer surgery is inevitable: it may last for a week or more. When at hospital, you may be administered painkillers injected into the bloodstream (you can control injection). Your doctor and nurse will help you to find the right dose and type of painkiller. Epidural anesthesia can be used alternatively (a patient is given a constant dose of painkiller). MediClin specialists will prescribe you painkillers to take home and will calculate an optimal amount of medications.


In a few hours after a surgery, you can sip water and when you’re able to drink more, you can try a light diet. With the time being, you will get back to a normal diet. Patients of MediClin are offered high protein drinks with high calorie amount to maintain proper nutrition. You diet may be slightly changed after bladder cancer operation. Follow doctor’s instructions and guidelines.

Pelvic floor exercises

In order to deal with urine leakage and incontinence, you need to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Special exercises will help you. You can perform them in any position, but sitting on a chair is the easiest variant. Squeeze your lower abdomen and pelvic muscles and hold on for three-five seconds. Relax and resume the exercise. Perform three times a day with sets of 10-15. Do not tighten muscles on stomach and buttocks.

Taking care of waste removal

When recovering at home, you may need to use waste removal structure and a catheter that provides urine draining into a special bag. Keep this area clean and sterilize it regularly. Use only clean catheters to empty the waste.

Sexual activity

While going through recovery period (4-6 weeks), a patient should abstain from intercourse. Bladder cancer surgery may contribute to problems with erection and ejaculation, low libido and decreased sexual desire. Note that men with removed prostate gland and women with removed womb cannot have children.

How MediClin can help?

Oncologists and other specialists in MediClin make sure that bladder cancer recovery goes without risks and stress. We offer:

  • Comfortable wards and 24/7 nursing care for all patients.
  • Effective chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Nutrition counseling, physical activity programs and creation therapy for patients going through cancer treatment.
  • Phychological support: our specialists encourage patients and help them to deal with stress, anxiety, fears and frustration caused by cancer and long-term treatment.
  • Consultations concerning post-operative treatment at home.

Our doctors do their best to ensure fast and safe bladder cancer recovery both inside the hospital and outside it. Whenever you have some complaints, questions or doubts, you can get specialist’s consultation and required medical help. Trust MediClin specialists: your well-being is our primary goal!

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