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Degenerative diseases of the movement apparatus increase with rising life expectancy. They lead to physical, psychological and social impairments and frequently require an artificial joint replacement. Inflammatory rheumatic diseases can occur in any age. They in particular lead to a decrease of the quality of life.

The rehabilitation of these patients is an important task in order to improve their physical and mental well-being and restore their self-sufficiency and social integration.

In the orthopedics/rheumatology area we strive for optimal mobilization, pain relief, restoration of the self-healing powers thus the increasing the social activitiy of the patien.

The holistic approach to therapy aims to address the individual situation and personality of the patient. Therapeutic aims also include active and passive measures that complement each other:

  • Exercise and control of targeted and differentiated physiotherapy, also in the movement bath
  • Developing an exercise program for home
  • Strength, agility, endurance and dexterity/coordination training
  • Mediation of positive body experience
  • Tension, anxiety and pain reducing methods
  • Disease processing and management
  • Handling long-term medication and alternative therapies
  • Self-help, e.g. using natural physical healing methods
  • "Daily life activities" exercises and the use of aids
  • Medicinal and physical methods of inflammation inhibition
  • The MediClin Staufenburg Clinic personnel and equipment are arreanged for chronically ill patients or their follow-up care after operative interventions (AHB). This applies to the immediate care and therapy as well as the training and guidance of the patient by competent and motivating employees. Our philosophy is "helping patients help themselves".

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